The TAPdemic Dozen

This year’s storyline transports us to “The Rhythmic Universe,” where a disaster has just occurred. Someone has eradicated all the A-List Superheroes and Villains from the planet. Who will come to everyone’s rescue?

Lo and behold, the only available “heroes” are the D-List sups and villains, who have long abandoned their craft. Assisted by the A-List Sidekicks, these former luminaries are summoned to rise to the occasion and restore balance to the universe.

Their mission is to locate the “Dyna-Tone,” a musical combination lock that, when unlocked with the correct tones, will bring back all the A-Listers. Jealousy, conflict, self-esteem, and hope all come into play during their journey. Will they succeed in finding the lock, deciphering the correct combination, and bringing back everyone who has vanished?

Choreography by:

Suzy Hall, Kiana Guarino, Adi Beeler, Kelsey Rose, Chrissy Jones, Brendan Kellam, Charlie DuHadway, Jeffrey Bird, Jenefer Miller, Sean Kaminski

Cast of Main Characters

Suzy Hall: Dr Shovel

Kiana Guarino: Time Step Twins

Adi Beeler: Time Step Twins

Sarah Boice: Paradiddler

Rachel LiPuma: Slo-Tone

Kelsey Rose: Lady Shim Sham

Chrissy Jones: Ida Tap

Abby Widlak: Super Shuffle

Brendan Kellam: Sliderman

Cooper Coffer: Toefessor X

Charlie DuHadway: Tap Daddy

Jeffrey Bird: Tappy Le Flap

Ian Dodd: Scatman

Ryan Ardelt: Franz A-lot


Kristine Nuruki: Night Wing

Emma Matthies: Marley Quinn

Willow Danis: Mini Beat

Willow Bishop: DD Diggin Twins

Cheyenne Bishop: DD Diggin Twins

Valentina Marcano: Sinfulnatti

Brooke Helmer: Buck E Step

Marissa Baker: Kid Flash Step

Mary Noyd: La Sof’Shu

Caroline Julian: Cloggin’

Halee Harpenau: Maxi Fordchoon Cookie

Franz’s Singers:

Emma Bishop

Lauren Knight

Navi Wertz

Produced and Created by

Suzy Guarino-Hall

Act 1

The TAPdemic: music Ryan Ardelt original

Holding Out for a Hero: choreo Suzy Hall, Kiana Guarino and Brendan Kellam, music: Bonnie Tyler

Sidekick Adagio: choreo Sean Kaminski, music: Safri Duo

I’ll Be There: choreo Jenefer Miller, music Jackson 5

Bad Reputation: choreo Kiana Guarino, music Joan Jett

Please Don’t Go: choreo Jeffrey Bird, music Yaz

I’m Coming Out: choreo Adi Beeler, music mashup Diana Ross and The Notorious BIG

 No, You’re Wearing This: Ryan Ardelt original music

Baby Come Back: choreo Suzy Hall, music Player

How You Like Me Now: choreo Brendan Kellam and Kiana Guarino, music The Heavy

END OF ACT ONE (5-minute intermission)

Act 2

Hotstepper: choreo Brendan Kellam and Adi Beeler, music Ini Kamoze

The Power: choreo Sarah Boice, music Snap!

Work It: choreo Kiana Guarino, music Missy Elliott

Scatman: choreo Chrissy Jones, music Paul-Scat

It Takes Two: choreo Suzy Hall, music Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock

The Pretender: choreo Charlie DuHadway, music Foo Fighters

Maneater: choreo Sarah Boice, music Nelly Furtado

What’s on Your Mind: choreo Kiana Guarino, music Information Society

Evil Ways: choreo Suzy Hall, music Santana

Dangerous Woman: choreo Kelsey Rose, music Ariana Grande

Americano: choreo Kelsey Rose, music Yolanda Be Cool

What I Am: choreo Chrissy Jones, music Edie Brickelle & New Bohemians

Heroes: choreo Sarah Boice, music The Wallflowers (David Bowie cover)

END OF ACT TWO (10-minute intermission)

Act 3


Get Ready to Bounce: choreo Suzy Hall, music Brooklyn Bounce

Hard Day’s Night: choreo Kiana Guarino, music The Beatles

50 Ways: choreo Suzy Hall, music Paul Simon

Anti-Hero: choreo Suzy Hall and improvography by dancers, music Dermot Kennedy (Taylor Swift cover)

Best of Times: choreo Suzy Hall, music Styx

4 Minutes: choreo Brendan Kellam and Adi Beeler, music Justin Timberlake and Madonna

Shim Sham Race: choreo Suzy Hall, music Mario Cart Soundtrack

Dyna-Tone: choreo Suzy Hall, music Ryan Ardelt original

Everybody Have Fun Tonight: choreo Suzy Hall, music Wang Chung

Bows: I Feel Like Dancing, music Jason Mraz

Shim Sham: Hey Soul Sister, music Train

Dance Captains: Adi Beeler, Sarah Boice, Kiana Guarino

Cast (in alphabetical order):

Abbey Prizgint

Addisyn Allerdings

Aliya Reynoso

Allison Irwin

Amanda Sauceda

Anne Wilkinson

Aurora Langran

Ava Ybarrondo

Bailey Bar-am

Brooke Skinner

Chelsea Uyeda

Chrissy Jones

Claire Weston

Emma Nollan

Emme Logan

Emmelia Grove

Gia Hollins

Gracelyn Graham

Halee Harpenau

Hana Komiya

Isabella Baker

Jana Romaine

Jazzie Tran

Kaitlyn Okawa

Kate Summers

Katie Lamphier

Kindle You

Laura Elizabeth

Laura Nares

Leah Eifler

Leena Schiavone

Lexi So

Lia Nakajima

Lindy Lyon

Lotus Sinnerton

Mackenzie Long

Maelynn Harbert

Makenna Mohnacky

Makyna Terah

Mary-Claire Richerson

Mia Ferguson

Miranda Martinez

Navi Wertz

Nicole Bishop

Piper Malmos

Raegan Bennett

Rei Senoo

Ryleigh Pruett

Saxyn Smith

Selah Grove

Shelby Edwards

Sienna Romero

Sophia Walker

Stella Foote

Stella Schiavone

Therese Kelley

Victoria Moot

Zoe Whitmire

Special Thanks: The Dance Project, Jeff Hall, Guy and Aimée Bar-Am, Stephen So, Stephanie Nuruki, Patty Young, Nicole Pribyl, The Parents of the Cast


  • Director, Producer, Writer, Music & VO Editor, Choreographer, Dancer: Suzy Hall
  • Lighting Designer and Technician, Video Editor: Wes Sullivan
  • Video Editor, Cameraman: Corey Konjarevich
  • Stage Manager: Ken Jeras
  • MCC Theater Director: Chris Tubilewicz
  • Prop Designers: Jason and Raegan Greener
  • Main Character Costumes/Light up Vests: Tina Ellis
  • Original Music Director, Franz-a-Lot, Vocal Trainer: Ryan Ardelt
  • Video Editor/producer: Stephen So
  • Video Editor/producer: Caroline Julian
  • Photographer/Graphic Designer: Aimée Bar-Am
  • Tap Floor Supervisor: Gavin Guarino
  • Tap Floor Engineer: Jeff Hall, Guy Bar-Am
  • Riffi VO: Leighann Dolan
  • Announcer VO: Travis Thurman
  • Sound Technician: Adrian Goldenthal
  • Front of House Manager: Tanja Blasko
  • Asst Technical Director: Jesse Soper

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