Tap 24.7 Presents

Tap Side Story 2022

Tap Side Story, another all original tap show for 2022 featuring some of the most talented tap dancers of all ages from across the country.

Two showings on Sunday May 29th, 2022 at 12:00 Noon & 4:00 p.m. 

Mesa Community College Arts Center

May 29th, 2022 | 2 Shows

This story was inspired by two of the primary methods used by tap dancers to interpret rhythms, counting and scatting.

We are transported to the town of TapSide where two much different gangs of rhythm, THE COUNTS and THE SCATS each feel like their way of interpreting tap steps is the correct way. When an opportunity to perform in a new tap show presents itself, the Counts and the Scats find themselves in a position where they must figure out how to work together.

Foes becoming friends. Collaborations that once seemed absurd are suddenly working. How can that be? Scats were scats and counts were counts…but, will they be able to help one another in some way? Will they discover that their common passion and love of tap, despite their differences, is the same?

Suzy Guarino Hall, Creator & Director

Tap Side Story Featuring

Suzy Guarino-Hall
Kiana Guarino
Kelsey Young
Brendan Kellam
Sarah Boice
Jeffrey Bird
Charlie DuHadway
Chrissy Jones
Rachel LiPuma
Adi Beeler
Emma Matthies
Jenefer Miller

Suzy Guarino-Hall (Anda One)
Kelsey Young (A-A)
Jeffrey Bird (One-An-Two)
Tyler Russell (Two-E-Anda)
Rachel LiPuma (Seven)
Chrissy Jones (Three-Anda-Four)
Brendan Kellam (Gada Boom)
Emma Matthies (Bagaka)
Charlie DuHadway (Shloomp)
Ian Dodd (Diddley Bop)
Sarah Boice (Shooby Do Wop)
Adi Beeler (Scoo Da’Dip)
Kiana Guarino (Bop Zip Bam)

Also featuring dancers ages 8-adult from Arizona and several states across the country.

Are You Team Counts or Team Scats?

You decide! Sunday, May 29th at Mesa Community College Art Center