Tap 24.7 Presents

The TAPdemic Dozen | 12th Annual Production SoCal

The TAPdemic Dozen

Somewhere in the Tap 24.7 universe the A-list Superheroes and Villains have all disappeared, teleported to some other dimension. The Hoofer Council has met to enlist the help of a new set of Sups. Will they succeed in bringing their comrades back and determine who started this TAPdemic? Join us to found out!

Sunday, September 10th | Bob Burton Center for the Performing Arts

Fallbrook, California

Will this epic adventure of appointed heroes and villains come together to save the A-list Sups that have all disappeared to another dimension? Join us to find out!


Our last showing of TapSide Story in Detroit was a huge success. We look forward to bringing you a new production already in the works for spring of 2023.

TapSide Story at Berman Performing Arts

Inspired by the musical West Side Story, TapSide Story tells the tale of two rival tap gangs both vying for the title of who does it best. On one side we have The Counts staking their claim with the tried and true method of counting, and The Scats with full certainty that scatting is the way to go. What will happen? Who will win this turf battle between these talented group of tappers? Buy your tickets soon to find out!

The Berman Center for Performing Arts

Bloomfield, Michigan

2 Shows | Sat October 29th & Sunday October 30th, 2022

This story was inspired by two of the primary methods used by tap dancers to interpret rhythms, counting and scatting.

We are transported to the town of TapSide where two much different gangs of rhythm, THE COUNTS and THE SCATS each feel like their way of interpreting tap steps is the correct way. When an opportunity to perform in a new tap show presents itself, the Counts and the Scats find themselves in a position where they must figure out how to work together.

Foes becoming friends. Collaborations that once seemed absurd are suddenly working. How can that be? Scats were scats and counts were counts…but, will they be able to help one another in some way? Will they discover that their common passion and love of tap, despite their differences, is the same?

Are You Team Counts or Team Scats?

“You truly cannot express with words the entertainment that Tap 24.7 shows deliver. The music, the showmanship, the revelry…they all come together to bring you this wildly engaging production that will leave you dancing in your seat. The level of talent of these dancers is incredible”

-Aimee Bar-Am

“I was blown away by how much I loved this show. I was not sure what to expect. My daughter purchased tickets so I could see my granddaughter perform as part of the troupe, and I was so pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying every single routine, with and without my granddaughter. I am so proud to know she is part of such a talented cast and can’t wait to see future productions.”

– Howard J. Flisser

“Fun for all ages! My wife wanted to see the show so we brought our 3 young children- aged 2-6. The kids loved watching all the performers and we enjoyed the accompanying soundtrack. Who knew tap dancers could tap to everything from Billy Joel to Billie Eilish. Go see this show!”

-Antonio Vigil

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