Tappy the Elf Auditions

We are currently auditioning for the Tappy the Elf 2023 show in Phoenix. We have several Tappy performances in store. If you opt to participate in all the shows, you will become a part of our exclusive “Skelly” group, ensuring you have consistent spots in each performance. If you can only make one or a few performances, don’t worry – we’ll create formations for each show based on who is available.


If you’re passionate about performing, and love holiday music, auditions are open for both in-person and video submissions


Auditions will take place both in person and video submission at The Dance Project in Peoria 19205 N 83rd Ave

Audition fee is $20 for in person auditions

When & Where ?

The Dance Project in Peoria 19205 N 83rd Ave

Sunday, October 22nd 4:00-5:30pm

Ages 12+ Intermediate Advanced / Advanced Level

For video submissions: During registration, select “video submission.” To access the audition material, make sure to connect with Suzy Guarino-Hall on Facebook. If you’re not already connected, send a friend request to gain access to the video tutorial and music edit. Record yourself performing the combo, and don’t forget to introduce yourself by stating your name, age, and your location.

When are the Shows?

At this time all dates are tentative but here is sample of what they may be:

  •    Our first performance of 3 shows will be at the Great AZ Puppet Theater in downtown Phoenix: Friday, November 24th (evening show) and Saturday, November 25th (matinee and evening shows).
  • Our additional performances will be located most likely in outdoor venues such as Desert Ridge Marketplace, scheduled for Friday, December 8th (6-8pm). It’s a scaled-down version of the full show, but it’s still an amazing experience. Best of all, it’s a free show, so everyone can enjoy it, and we usually attract a large crowd of holiday shoppers.

{Key Dates to Remember}

  • Friday 11/24 & Saturday 11/25 (3 shows) in Phx
  • Friday 12/8 in Phx

You choose how many shows you would like to perform!

What is the Cost?

 The cost of participation depends on the number of shows you choose to perform

•          “Skelly” Crew (participating in all shows): $200 (includes a complimentary Tappy shirt for the Desert Ridge performance).

  •  Puppet Theater only $150

•          Outdoor Event only: $100 (requires the purchase of a Tappy shirt for the performance).

Please note that if you can only commit to one show within a full-length event, the cost remains the same. These costs cover choreography, rehearsal space, and choreographer time. Costumes for the full-length show will be self-provided and should be simple and holiday-themed. For the Desert Ridge performance, you’ll need to purchase a Tappy the Elf shirt and pair it with black leggings or joggers. There will be a tech rehearsal before both full-length shows to ensure a seamless and magical performance.


In how many shows would you like to perform?

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