Suzy Hall, master tap instructor and creator of Tap 24.7

Tap 24.7 is a Phoenix, Arizona based tap company that has been bringing performance opportunities to the valley since 2004. Driven by master tap instructor, Suzy Hall, Tap 24.7 has quickly grown as the largest Arizona tap company in the state. We promote high quality and inclusivity of tap education to a diverse group of students, some of which travel nationwide to learn from our staff of ultra talented tap choreographers.

Join us for our yearly productions, all written and produced by Ms. Hall, enroll for a future workshop or class in your area, or contact us to audition to become part of our growing family of talented tappers. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be informed of the latest Tap 24.7 happenings.

We hope to share our love of tap with you!

What People Say About Tap 24.7

Have it All from the 2021 Tap XPerience, in tribute to the memory of the late Gregg Russell

“We’ve been a part of Suzy Guarino-Hall’s Tap 24.7 for seven fantastic years! The knowledge and enthusiasm of the choreographers plus the opportunity to perform with dancers from all over the world has been life changing! Tap 24.7 is an education in tap that only she and her choreographers can provide! The talent and creativity that comes together on stage is mesmerizing and will leave you anxiously awaiting the next show!”


“I have loved being a part of the show for several years even while being pregnant.  I loved choreographing for this awesome show a few years ago.  To share our love and talent for this genre of dance has been an amazing experience. I enjoyed every minute!”


“This show is amazing!! It is perfect for tap dancers who want to keep training, or who want to be professional. It is the perfect stepping stone. This is my second show and I love doing it! Making new friends from all over who share the same passion as me. The dancers and the teachers especially, are just amazing. Suzy is amazing, she is a great instructor and choreographer and works with you on a personal level so she makes sure you get what you need. She is the backbone to the whole show and without her hard work and determination this wouldn’t be possible.”


Tap 24.7 Shows

For over decade Tap 24.7 has been producing original shows, combining unique storylines to the powerful rhythm of tap.