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Tap 24.7 is a tap community, creating original show productions. We showcase some of the most talented tap dancers from across the country. Our shows span generations and feature songs from multiple music genres; from hip-hop to hard rock, all performed to unique choreography for a fun and entertaining experience. 

We provide the stage, the lessons and the choreography. You provide the talent and tapping feet.

Our cast performs several shows per year both in the Phoenix metro area and various cities nationwide. With tap classes, workshops and master classes throughout the year, Tap 24.7 is perfect for dancers looking to hone their skills or learn new moves. Sign up below for our newsletter now to get the latest updates on class announcements and current events.

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The TAPdemic Dozen Tickets on Sale Friday, August 11!

Our 12th annual production, TAPdemic Dozen, is hitting its second city in SoCal!

Two shows on Sunday September 10th at the Bob Burton Center in Fallbrook, CA.

  • 1:00 PM | 5:00 PM

Lo and behold, the only “heroes” available are the D-List sups and villains who haven’t been doing their craft for years. With the help of the A-List Sidekicks, these washed-up heroes and villains are called upon to step up and restore balance to the universe. Their task is to find the “Dyna-Tone,” a musical combination lock that when unlocked with the correct tones, will bring back all of the A-Listers.

TAPapalooza is back! Sign up now for the SoCal edition


What is Tap 24.7?

Original Productions

For the past decade our shows have featured original choreography, unique storylines, and exciting performances.

Professional Choreographers

Join a team of award winning choreographers to help you learn and grow as a performer.

A Tap Experience for All Ages

Share the stage with a diverse group of passionate tappers coming from all over the nation from all ages.



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12th Annual Production

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I never wanted to be a painter; I wanted to be a tap dancer.

โ€” Andy Warhol

A Tap Experience Unlike Anything Else!

Tap 24.7 is for the tap dancer that wants more tap in their life! They want to learn from incredible master tap teachers and choreographers and improve their tap and performance skills. 

Want to Audition?

Promo video from our last show TapSide Story

Tap Side Story, an original Tap 24.7 production inspired by the musical, West Side Story. Who will win control of this turf; will it be The Scats or The Counts? Decide for yourself October 29-30 at The Berman Performing Arts Center.

About Us

Tap 24.7 offers a unique opportunity to join a cast of individuals to perform at our yearly, original tap show. Hone your tap skills with incredible instructors from all over the country.

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